Camper Van Conversions, the future for holiday lovers

Camper Van Conversions, the future for holiday lovers.

Who loves a holiday? I think I speak for pretty much everybody when I say, I love a holiday.

Every day, I see stunning photos shared to Instagram or Facebook that make me insanely jealous. The kind of photos that show off stunning views and locations or couples’ walking hand-in-hand exploring some faraway place whilst I’m staring, green-eyed over my phone screen.

The main thing stopping many people from setting out on one of these travel adventures is money.

After billing in to equation; travel, accommodation, day trips and food etc, a week away hardly seems worth it for all the savings that will be lost. But, what if there was a way to cut all this money spending right down? Whilst also, giving the freedom to travel to wherever is wished?

Well, there is… and it can be done in a Camper Van conversion. This is a growing trend within the travel-lover community and is a market that is growing in popularity.

A camper-van isn’t a new idea, many people will use these to travel around countries, but now these vans are being modified into small homes. They are being created to hold small kitchens, bedrooms, toilets… I’ve actually seen some with a roof balcony.

Mercedes Sprinter vans are extremely popular when it comes to conversions even being revamped with garages to hold motorbikes and mountain bikes, meaning fun-loving off-road racers can also make use of them as sportshome conversions. This is helping to save people a lot time, and even more money while also creating a sense of freedom when it comes to travel.

Effectively, it allows travellers to live on the road, stopping wherever they wish meaning that everyone can wake up to spectacular views without having to re-mortgage the house to pay for it.

These Camper Van conversions can be used to travel around any-where, whilst also giving the owner the opportunity to navigate their way around some beautiful destinations in the UK. Of course, they can be taken abroad for holiday use, but a camper van conversion can also be the perfect solution to cheap weekend breaks away and can be done quite spontaneously.

Fancy a trip to the Lake District? How would you like to wake up looking over the top of Hawkshead hill at the miles of countryside and lakes? Or, how about a visit to Cornwall? Would you enjoy spending your evening at Tintagel Castle, walking through the legendary ruins and seeing the dramatic sea-views? Maybe a city break is more for you. How about parking-up close to London and spending your weekend shopping and seeing what the England Capital has in store for you? All of these possibilities are made more realistic with the use of a Camper Van.

Instead of having to spend all your hard-earned savings on travel and hotel rooms, you can now spend your money on visiting the museums, tour-guides and maybe even, a drop more alcohol if wanted.

The future is with Camper Van conversions and I for one, am excited for the freedom.

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